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Obsidian Glass is a company in Jersey. It specialises in glass, glazing, windows and doors. Established since 2009.

Obsidian Glass are manufacturers of the popular splashback. Used in kitchens and bathrooms for that all in one finish. They supply some of the main department stores that sell this product. They develop new and innovative designs that try and push the product in new directions.

Obsidian also specialise in Glazing. Be it heritage glazing units, or using the modern technique Curtain Walling. They are more than experts in their field. Obsidian glass are passionate and dedicated to their work. They will listen discuss and then develop the right solution alongside you the client.

Obsidian Glass

WIndows Case Study

Case Study: Heritage Windows - Gorey Castle

Secondary glazing is the installation of new, independent secondary window frames on the interior side of the existing window.  The key benefits of secondary windows are very similar to double glazing.  With improved insulation and draught proofing, your room will stay warmer for longer than single glazing, helping save money on heating and fuel bills.

Secondary glazing is ideally suited to listed, period, historical and heritage buildings.

Secondary glazing will also significantly reduce traffic and outside noise and also improve window security from intruders.

They are very suitable for houses, bungalows, apartments, offices, studios and listed period, historical and heritage buildings.

We Listen and Discuss and then find the right solution!