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Aluminium windows and doors offer strength, durability and are highly resistant to rust and corrosion. They provide slim-lines, more glass area and less visible frame. Aluminium windows and doors are a premium product, maintenance free and built to last, with the life span of aluminium being measured in decades rather than years. Aluminium is very sustainable, endlessly recyclable and very environmentally friendly.

Another benefit of aluminium is the ability for your windows and doors to be coloured any of over 200 different RAL colours. You can even have your windows and doors manufactured to have different colours inside and out. Aluminium Products are painted in a polyester powder coat finish, which is baked on for a tough and resilient paint finish that will not flake or fade over time.


Aluminium Bi-folding sliding doors will give your home individuality and character. A Bi-folding Door will open up a room to light and over a 90% clear opening, with flush floor levels from inside to outside. Bringing the outside inside and creating a functional, open space for living, working and entertaining. Bifold’s give you a very aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional Sliding Patio Doors.


UPVC windows combine style and performance – for every building type.
Obsidian can source UPVC window and door systems to suit any building, from country cottages to apartment buildings and from schools to commercial office blocks. The ranges include contemporary and traditional styles offering exceptional energy efficiency, security and durability, plus easy fabrication and fitting.

A major advantage of UPVC doors is that they are much stronger than traditional wooden doors due to the way in which they are constructed. A major problem with wooden doors in a largely damp climate such as the UK is that of warping. When wood is exposed to damp conditions for long periods it can swell and warp, this is a major disadvantage for doors that you really want to open and close with ease. UPVC doors are rigid and they are weatherproof and dam proof, which means they are not susceptible to the conditions that cause wooden doors to warp. Because UPVC doors maintain their original shape despite the weather conditions, it is rare for them not to fit snugly in their frame and be easy to open and close no matter what the weather is doing.

UPVC doors, like UPVC windows, require very little maintenance. You may need to oil the locking mechanisms from time to time as all locks can become stiff over time. All that is really needed in the way of maintenance is light cleaning of any glazed areas and an occasional wipe down of all other areas as needed. UPVC is an exceedingly durable material, which is one of the reasons for its popularity in the making of windows and doors. Most UPVC installation companies are so confident of the strength and durability of the material that they offer ten year guarantees on their installations.


There are a number of benefits to choosing wooden window frames over other materials such as uPVC or HYPERLINK “” metal. Wooden window frames are:
Attractive – HYPERLINK “” wooden window frames look great in any home and particularly suit older homes and period properties. You can tailor your wooden window frames to suit your home by choosing from a variety of wood types such as oak, mahogany or maple, which each achieve a different look. Wood can also be painted, stained or carved to further customise your window frames.

Environmentally friendly – as a natural material, wooden window frames are automatically more eco-friendly than manmade options such as metal or uPVC, especially if the wood is sustainably sourced, meaning that trees are replanted to replace timber. You can also choose to use reclaimed timber to make your wooden window frames more eco-friendly.

Naturally insulating – wood is a naturally insulating material, which means that wooden window frames help to retain heat within your home, which will in turn lower your household carbon emissions, keep your home warm and reduce your fuel bills.
Long lasting – if properly maintained, HYPERLINK “” wooden window frames can last a lifetime and resist wear and tear well.

Timber is generally available in either softwood or hardwood with some softwoods being harder than hardwoods and vice versa but generally hardwoods are better as they are generally more resistant to rot. As well as a choice of different timbers you also have a range of wood treatments and finishes which help to increase the woods life expectancy. All external joinery supplied by us is treated and then white primed or base stained as standard.


Composite or Hybrid windows and doors offer the advantages of aluminium externally and beautiful wood internally. It is common to see these today in both Residential and Commercial projects as like aluminium not only do they offer a true very low maintenance solution, they are beautifully constructed, very attractive and natural looking as well. Above all they really do offer the best thermal, acoustic and aesthetics even over aluminium. Hybrid or Composite windows and doors offer you the advantages of powder coated aluminium externally and engineered timber, pine or Oak internally.

The aluminium element of the window or door can be polyester powder coated or anodised in the hundreds of finishes available today.
Internally the wood can be left natural or treated with paint, stain lacquer or other treatment. Most systems will accommodate double glazed units from 28mm to over 40mm with triple glazing options.
For Window Energy Ratings Composite windows offer the lowest possible U Values with a double-glazed U-value of approx 1.5W/m2K or triple glazed with overall U-value of up to 1.0W/m2K.

All Hybrid Window Systems are available today in casement, tilt and turn, pivot windows, french and patio doors and sliding folding doors.


How can you add privacy, yet bring in more natural light while adding a rich custom look to your home. Sandblasted or Etched glass has a cool sophisticated elegance and dramatic effects can be achieved by using techniques such as shading, photo etching, and deep carving.

Obsidian utilise the latest in computer design and automated machinery as well as traditional hand cut methods. Our latest range of designs include both Contemporary and Traditional styles and can be incorporated into single and double glazing panels to current building regulations. All of the designs can be supplied as either clear onto an etched background or etched onto clear glass.


Traditional leaded-lights (also known as stained glass) are made by incorporating different types and textures of glass, the individual pieces of glass are joined together with H section lead came, all the joints are then soldered together to form the leaded-light, The leaded light is then cemented to make it weatherproof, they also may be encapsulated inside double glazed units.

Obsidian has created the most amazing leaded glass panels offering a complete service from initial design consultation through to completion. Traditional and Contemporary designs are available and custom made to your sizes in a choice of colours and textures. Available single and double glazed to current building regulations, this cost effective solution to Traditional Leaded Glass provides the most beautiful way to introduce colour and design into your home.


Glazed verandas and patio canopies are the perfect transition space, blurring the boundary between home and garden and creating an extra room… outside. Covered verandas provide a special outdoor living area which enriches the pleasures of entertaining and transforms everyday living. You can enjoy breakfast with bird song, alfresco meals at sunset and drinks with friends and family… and the weather can’t spoil your enjoyment!

Your veranda is also the perfect garden structure, bringing you closer to sights, sounds and scents of your garden. You will find that a patio cover is also a superb piece of garden architecture, enabling you to spend much more time in your new outside-inside space. And because it is protected from the elements it makes a great party space, with music, lighting and TV screens all possible.


A professionally installed glass balcony or balustrade will enhance your property with a style and elegance that is unique to polished glass. Obsidian has installed these products in homes, offices, apartments, roof gardens and mezzanine landings. We use only top quality specialist toughened and laminated glass that is also suitable for areas with children and pets.

A common reason for installing a glass balcony or balustrade is to keep the feel of “space and openness” without having to compromise and settle for a less stylish installation.

With its timeless look and neutral colour, glass is a serious contender when considering a replacement / new balcony or balustrade.


Obsidian can provide shower enclosures and custom made shower doors tailored to your individual requirements, with a sophisticated range of fixtures and fittings giving you complete freedom of design. We take the greatest care when measuring, designing and fitting your new installation.

Frameless Shower Doors – These simple shower doors give a sophisticated and premium look to any bathroom. A frameless door or glass shower screen is the perfect option if you already have a shower enclosure but you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Frameless Shower Enclosures – A frameless shower enclosure or shower cubicle is the ideal solution for many bathrooms. If you are accustomed to a standard shower with shower curtain, you will love the benefits and space afforded by a separate enclosure. It is very nice not to have to deal with the mess of water all over your floor.
Other Shower Doors – Obsidian have a large variety of shower doors and enclosures in all sizes and styles. We offer bespoke shower doors perfect for home use as well as for commercial projects such as hotels and property portfolios.


Kiln Formed Glass, Warm Glass, or Fused Glass is the process of joining 2 or more pieces of glass together by heating and melting them in a kiln.

This process usually occurs between the temperatures of 1100 and 1700 degrees.


Verre églomisé, from the French term meaning glass gilded, is a process in which the back side of glass is gilded with gold or metal leaf.

Either for restoration or use in new projects, Verre Eglomise is used in a wide variety of ways.

Walls can be covered with large sheets to create huge visual impact or numbers of smaller pieces can be used in a patterned decorative scheme. Doors, ceilings, furniture can all benefit from the application of decorative verre Eglomise designs either as a feature, such as a table top, or covered entirely.


Garage and drive way mirrors that are designed to improve visibility and safety for vehicle movements in garages, driveways and car parks. A very versatile convex mirror will adjust to any angle to allow an optimal line of sight.

These garage mirrors can be positioned wherever a blind spot exists to allow safer entry and exit from the parking area as well as improving traffic flow. These acrylic convex traffic mirrors are manufactured using only the highest grade materials to give years of service with low maintenance.


Solar film protects your furniture, floors and curtains before you notice damage from the sun’s harmful rays. Reduces fading, heat and glare and blocks 99% of harmful UV rays.

Security film helps hold broken glass together and reduces the risk of glass related injuries. Meets GSA bomb standards. No broken glass enters the room more than 10 feet from the window or 2 feet above floor level. Eliminates “grab & go” burglary or forced break in.

Obscure film two has different options for privacy. With a frosted window film applied to glass it will make the glass opaque and totally obscure vision through the window day and night. Or one way privacy by having reflective or tinted window film applied. This works by reflecting light so during the day it gives a mirrored or tinted appearance while still allowing clear vision from the inside looking out. Frosted window film is also available in a wide range of patterns and designs.